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IS THE AIRBUS A380 Worth the Financial Risks

             This paper will focus on the question of whether or not the latest aircraft entering the world market such as the Airbus 380 will be worth the financial risks if one were to crash. This paper will also look at figures from previous crashes and what affect the loss of a Airbus 380 with 900 people onboard would have on a airline's finances and whether the Airbus 380 would be worth the risk to a airline's financial success. .
             Table of Contents.
             1. The Airbus 380-overview.
             2. Historical trends in Aviation accident financial losses.
             3. The Airbus 380 and the unthinkable: what an accident would do to the operating airline? .
             Page 3.
             The Airbus 380.
             It is being referred to as the newest modern wonder of the world; "The .
             Airbus 380". The massive airliner being aggressively marketed by Airbus, .
             will be the world's largest passenger liner when it enters service in 2006, .
             with the first variant being capable of seating 555 passengers. Follow on .
             models will increase the passenger load to over 900 passengers. While this .
             with be more cost effective for airlines, with one aircraft able to carry the .
             passenger load of 2 Boeing 747s, this could create a dilemma for an airline .
             should one of these aircraft crash. Given the current financial climate in .
             aviation and the astronomical amount of money being paid out in lawsuits, .
             airline management should look at closely into whether or not their .
             individual airline would be able to sustain the financial difficulties which .
             would result from such a catastrophic event before purchasing one of these .
             behemoths of the sky. .
             Page 4.
             The Airbus 380: An Overview.
             According to the Airbus web page www.airbus.com, The Airbus 380 will be able to help an airline's economics by increasing the profits on a flight by as much as 35% per flight. In addition to the augment in passengers, the Airbus 380 will improve an airline's economics not only by its stronger and lighter construction, but also with it's commonality with the rest of the Airbus fleet of aircraft.

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