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Character Sketch: Spider Man

            "Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman," will forever live in America's memories as one of the greatest Marvel heroes ever. In the movie "Spider Man" Peter Parker, the human under the spider skin, starts out in a normal life, but his life radically changes after being bit by a genetically modified spider. Peter goes through many changes in not only the physical sense, but also psychologically. Because of these changes, Spiderman will make many sacrifices and learn to be as selfless as possible. .
             At the start of the movie, Peter Parker looks like a normal man going about his normal life. He wears his dirty, hand-me-down t-shirts and ripped jeans, combs his brown hair, wears his thick, ungainly glasses, and looks like the average American geek-child. He goes through everyday problems as well, his car won't start, his alarm won't go off, bullies pick on him, and he has a crush on a girl who doesn't know he exists. When Peter gets bit, he becomes extremely sick and goes to bed. He wakes up with toned muscles, incredible strength, perfect vision, amazing abilities, and a sixth "spider" sense. He tries to use his strength to entertain people, but in the process he allows a criminal to escape telling the owner of the store, "I fail to see how that's my problem." When he arrives home, he finds out that that same criminal had, in the process of running, shot his Uncle Ben, the closest person to a father he"d ever had. He remembers something his father had told him before he died, "With great power must come great responsibility.".
             This takes on a whole new meaning for Peter. He vows to never use his powers again for his own selfish gain, and instead use them to help others and fight crime. When Peter is "on-duty" as Spiderman, he uses a suit that is formfitting with blue pants and a red long sleeve shirt with a silver spider-web design on it. However, he can't reveal his abilities to everyone around for fear that they will realize he is the infamous Spiderman and tries to maintain a normal life.

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