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Mending wall

             Some like to be around others, and some only wish to be left alone. Robert Frost's poem entitled "Mending Wall" shows how two neighbors interpret the reason as to why they have to come together each year to rebuild a wall.
             The poem by Robert Frost is about a man who separates his property from his neighbors with a physical wall. however the wall actually represents how the man separates himself from his neighbors. The neighbor seems to think that, "Good fences makes good neighbor." So every year he wants to rebuild the wall that hunters, nature, and animals have damaged the speaker wants to keep himself away from society, and he wants to keep people out of his "yard." the kindhearted man always wants to know, "What he was walling in or walling out?" He indicates that he would never come and take anything from him. Knowing that there are gaps in this friendship, the speaker wants to build a stronger relationship. The neighbor will not go behind his father's saying an tradition that, " good fences make good neighbors." The speaker believes that he and his father are almost the same, " he moves in darkness as it seems to him." The poem shows one mans desire to be friends with another man with a heart of stone.
             Frost made many poetic works throughout his life. Some of his more popular poems are as followed, " Mending Wall", "The Death of a hired man", and "After Apple Picking." In "Mending Wall" Frost uses free verse. For example instead of using a special rhyme scheme, he tells as if it were a story. When the speaker tells of the gaps, "Something there is that doesn't .
             love a wall/and makes gaps even two can pass abreast." Frost also uses repetition throughout the poem when his neighbor says over and over again, "Good fences makes good neighbors." The last technique that Frost uses is iambic pentameter, or blank verse. When the speaker tells of what the hunters do, "The work of hunters is another thing.

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