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Minoans vs Mycenaens

             Many similarities and differences exist between the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures. These characteristics that defined these societies correlate directly to the success of each as an ancient civilization. These characteristics can be broken up into five areas that best explain these characteristics. Trade, Government, Military, Religion and Economy best compare these two ancient civilizations.
             Each culture traded with other civilizations that existed at this time period. The means by which they trade and what they traded are what separate the Minoans from the Mycenaean's. To begin with, the Mycenaean's traded with Egypt and the Middle East and used the seas as their primary choice of transportation. Through their ships they traded their goods with the civilizations aforementioned. Similarly, before the Mycenaean's took over what the Minoans had left, the Minoans also used the seas to trade their goods. The merchandise they often traded was cereals, vegetables and oils. .
             The government of these two civilizations were ran identically. Both cultures had Kings that governed city-states and that King had ultimate power. The Minoans built extravagant palaces and decorated these with vibrant frescos. King Minos was the most important and powerful king of the Minoans, hence their name. The Mycenaean government was very similar to that of the Minoans. They to had a King to control city-states and often that king was ruled by a superior king. For making important decisions the king was expected to consult with an assembly of nobles. The support of the nobles also decided how long one king's reign would last for. .
             The military for these two civilizations were very powerful for their place in time. The Mycenaean's used their skills in warfare to protect the land they occupied. Bronze weapons and shields were used in the protection of their people and in wartime. Both civilizations had a large and powerful navy to secure their trade routes.

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