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Oedipus Rex

             The stories Antigone and Oedipus Rex were written by a Greek philosopher named Sophocles. In both stories there were two very important prophecies. Those prophecies played a vital role in the story. Because of them, the story turned out very differently than what we had expected. .
             The two prophecies were given by a blind prophet named Tiresias. He always had a little boy with him to guide him wherever he went. In Oedipus Rex there was a very interesting prophecy. Before the prophecy, Tiresias and Oedipus had an argument. Tiresias accused Oedipus of murdering Laius, who was the king of Thebes before he was murdered. Oedipus obviously rebutted that remark and accused Tiresias of murder. Then Tiresias gave him the prophecy. The prophecy was that now Oedipus could see but in the near future he would become blind. In the book Antigone, the prophecy given to Creon was very interesting. Tiresias told Creon that the gods were angry at him and that his own flesh meaning his family would die in the near future. That played a vital role in the story.
             In Oedipus Rex the prophecy Tiresias gave Oedipus was a foreshadow of what was to come. Tiresias' prophecy helped Oedipus realize that the parents he thought were his were actually his adoptive parents. Because of that, he realized that the prophecy his parents had gotten before he was born had come true. The prophecy was the Oedipus would kill his father and marry his mother. Oedipus had killed Laius and married the queen Jocasta who was his own mother. Now knowing what he had done, Oedipus blinded himself with two pins from his mother's dress. The prophecy Tiresias gave to Oedipus had now come true. Oedipus had become blind. Creon exiled him out of Thebes.
             The prophecy Tiresias gave to Creon was very important in the story Antigone. The prophecy was that the gods were angry with him and that his own flesh, meaning his family, would die in the near future.

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