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1940's American Entertainment

             When a country goes to war, its citizens struggle economically and socially with the cost of war and the damage it brings to families. During World War II, America needed to turn its eyes from the war and focus on something else. Hollywood played a major part in producing a number of movies that provided a release for the war-weary. Musicians were putting out more and more songs, with positive lyrics that took minds off of the war. Sports also played a major rule during World War II. Producers, commissioners, actors, and musicians, television and baseball stars were trying as hard as they could to do their part to help America cope with the departing of men and women who had been sent overseas. American entertainment during World War II kept America running, and brought the country together at a time of world fighting. .
             In the 1940's Hollywood was doing its job to keep up the American morale. War films such as Casablanca and Thirty Seconds over Tokyo portrayed the valor and heroism of the men and women who were serving on both fronts of the war. Casablanca was a story of political and romantic espionage. It is set against the backdrop of the wartime conflict between democracy and totalitarianism with anti-nazi propaganda. The movie focused on the themes of lost love, honor and duty, self-sacrifice and romance within a.
             World of war and chaos. Many actors became a part of the war effort not only by making movies, but by serving in the military as well. Some of them also appeared in .
             commercials, encouraging people to buy bonds or donate scrap materials. Propaganda series promoting American participation in the war also emerged as a result of Hollywood's popularity. The influence of the film industry motivated people to contribute to the war effort and raised the overall morale. During this time The Ed Sullivan Show, Howdy Doody, and Amos & Andy were brodcasted into the homes of America.

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