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Napoleonic dictatorship

            France's governmental system history is one that has for the most part has been of an Absolute Monarchy, from the reigns of Louis the 14th to Louis the 16th. This Government order in France of an Absolute Monarchy was due to the increasingly large powers of a monarch over society including, the National System of Justice, Influence over the Catholic Church, The Right to decree Taxation and Leader of the military forces, therefore it would be just in asking that the leader which has such immense responsibility and power be one that is long-standing. A fatal weakness in the French absolute monarchy system was its inability to produce strong monarchs. These monarchs always sought their personal benefits, even if it was at the hands of the country or its citizens. Consequently this led to a constant struggle of power and fear of an uprising and/or revolution, as the nobles wanted power that was taken from them by the monarchy, the bourgeoisie resented the privileges of the nobles and the Bourgeoisie and the Peasants criticized the tax system. This was the beginning of the end for Louis. As stability was not one of the characteristics that Louis possessed. It was time for a new ruler, one that ruled his territory with ruthless aggression. Dictatorships often occur when a nation is economically and politically unstable. In a system of authoritarian rule decisions are made efficiently because very few people are involved in the decision making process. The leader or elite group at the head of the government decides on new policies and economic measures, then makes sure that the public abides by them by using tactics of force and indoctrination. A leader with such a skill, must first off be enduring in himself, have the ability to stabilize the economy, and stabilize the country politically. With that said, one can only realize the advantageous of a dictatorial government and its benefits, through the analyzing and study of Napoleon's dictatorial ship era over France.

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