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Emma, the Antithesis of Victorianism

            Emma, the Antithesis of Victorianism.
             The novel Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert takes place in France during the mid-1800s. Just before this place in time France had undergone a great change called the French Revolution (1798-1799). During this revolution France was transformed from an absolute monarchy, to a republic of theoretically free and equal citizens. The effects of the French revolution were wide spread both inside and outside of France. In the course of the ten-year revolution France transformed and then dismantled the Old Regime, and replaced it with a series of different governments. Even though these governments never lasted for more than 4 years they had an everlasting impact on France. These impacts included the drafting of the bill of rights and constitutions. Among the most notable changes was the elimination of the nobility as a legally defined class, the granting of the same civil rights to all citizens, the extension of rights to blacks in France, though not the abolition of slavery and the granting of full civil rights to religious minorities.
             The only thing that seemed to be missing was the addition of women's rights. Because of this Victorianism was able to take effect. The ideal women of this time period was basically a "slave" to man. This brought about a lot of opposition and people like Emma Bovary who realized "that a -------- Emma Bovary read romantic novels that told stories of great wealth and happiness. She read these novels so much that she wanted to become the characters not knowing that she would fall into a down ward spiral that she would never get out of. .
             It all began with a man by the name of Charles Bovary who was becoming a doctor. She thought he was the man of her dreams that was depicted in the stories. So they got married, which soon turned for the worst when they attended an affair at the Marquis d" Andervilliers estate.

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