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A Look at Abigail Williams

             Abigail Williams is the antagonist character in Arthur Miller's The Crucible. Throughout the play she does not change much. She basically stays the same, but her true character appears.
             Abigail's main motivation is to win John Proctor. She blames witchcraft on Elizabeth Proctor so that she will be hanged. She is also motivated to save her name from the worst. When she does not get what she wants, she gets someone else in trouble or pulls someone down with her. She will not take the blame by herself. She is extremely selfish.
             Abigail has many conflicts in this play. She has a conflict with Betty in the beginning because Betty knows she didn't tell the truth about what the girls did in the woods. She has another conflict with Mary Warren toward the end of the play. Mary Warren is supposed to be her friend but she betrays her by telling on her for lying and gets her into trouble.
             The actions that Abigail Williams shows are not the actions that a good person would show. She lies about everything. She lied about what went on in the woods. The only person she tells the truth to is John Proctor. Abigail says to John, "It was all sport", (839). Nothing she told the court was true. Abigail tells the court, "Goody Proctor always keeps poppets", (870). Goody Proctor hasn't kept poppets since she was a child. She also told the court the she saw a bunch of people using witchcraft. She never saw anyone using witchcraft. The only people using witchcraft are she and her friends.
             I think her character is believable; there are girls like her that only want what is impossible to get. She only wants John Proctor and she will bring down anyone who gets in the way of that. She never does the right thing. She is a liar. People like Abigail Williams are not admirable. All my feelings about her are negative. Everything she does is for her own good, not for others.

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