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Integration of Central High

             New York: Washington Square Press, 1994.
             In "Warriors Don't Cry," Beals talks about the Integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. The first day of school began for nine African American students on September 3rd, 1957. This day marked the first day in history that colored people and white people went to Central High School together. Beals was among one of the nine black students who integrated Central High. Beals explained to the readers about what the nine students went through day by day. She talks about all the things that the white students did to them. These things ranged from getting beat by groups of students to getting stabbed while sitting in class to getting chased by parents of white students, etc. Many wondered how the nine students even made it through the day. Throughout the whole year, the students went through so much torture. Not all of the nine made it throughout the school year but one black student graduated. He was the first African American student to graduate from that school. Beals describes to the readers what they went through each day of the school year.
             I thought that the author clarified her points very well. She did such a good job because she was a part of the integration. She had all the knowledge about the integration. I think that this book was a very good resource because this source made me choose this topic. After reading this book in another class, I decided to get more information about this issue.
             Clinton, Bill. "An Affair of the Heart." Newsweek 29 Sep. 1997: 56.
             Clinton writes about growing up in Arkansas. He states that he went to a segregated school such as Central High. Clinton says that he used to get into arguments with his friends because he believed in integration. He says that supported integration because his grandparents taught him to treat everyone the same, no matter what color they were. He talks about how he remembers the guards and soldiers were outside of Central High after the federal government enforced school integration.

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