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To his coy mistress and the autumn

             "To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell and "To Autumn" by John Keats employ similar poetic techniques to convey opposing ideas of "time passing". However the two poets convey the idea of "time passing" differently, Keats celebrates a particular season "autumn" and described it as it will never end and have all the time in the world. Whereas Marvell used time passing as an argument for his love to be consummate. A poetic technique that Marvell and Keats employed is rhyme. This technique is used to create a pause and also creating a rhythm. According to my research rhyme also influence the way we think and make us believe things that are dubious.
             The rhyme that Marvell employs in "To His Coy Mistress" creates an impression of the mistress as adorable. This impression is created by referring to the mistress as if she has a charming body: "Two hundred to adore each breast: / But thirty thousand to the rest." These phrases create an image of the mistress as "adorable" the reference to adorable signifies the beauty of her that attracts the narrator. However, by using an image of "Two hundred to adore each breast" this line also foreshadow the reference to how "beautiful" and "charming" she is. This is because adoring breast is often associated with "intercourse" and throughout this poem Marvell raises the reasons why should the narrator have "intercourse" with the mistress. Although we know that it is impossible to adore each breast for two hundred years, however the rhythm of the rhyme creates a pause and influenced us to believe it is possible and it also show how adorable the mistress is. According to my research the reason for this is because it takes time for our mind to separate the two sound and we don't have much information to go on so we let the beauty of a phrase to validate its truthfulness. Rhyme has been employed throughout the whole poem. Rhyme is also employed in "To Autumn" however in the latter poem repetition is used to create an impression of beautifulness and endless time.

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