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Mothers in the Workforce

             Being a mother is one of the most amazing opportunity women can have. I believe it's safe to state that mothers want what is best for their children. In response, many mothers feel they should not work once their children are born. Staying at home with the kids is a very noble and thankless job that millions of women do everyday. Some women are forced to go back to work after their children are born. Mainly because they are single mothers, the family needs the second income, or they have established a good career before having children. .
             There are many single mothers out there, due to divorce or having a child out of wedlock. In some cases the father just walks away from mother and child, and the mother is forced to go back to work so that the child has everything that he/she needs in life. There are also situations where the mother is divorced and that child support just isn't enough to get by and take care of a child. So single mothers have to work just to make ends meet. .
             Also, the cost of living is going up so much that it is just too much for one income so mothers have to continue working after having kids. There are times when the fathers income just isn't enough to make ends meet and forces a mother to go back to work just so that her family is able to have all that it needs. Just those on a father's income that there is now way to pay all the bills and also by everything that a child or children may need in life, so mothers have to work to help out with the family bills. So just to make ends meet the economy forces a mother to pretty much go back to work just to make sure that today's children have everything that they need.
             Today's mothers have also established a career in life before having children. They have a good job that pays well and are happy with the career choice that they made in life and so they want to continue working after giving birth to a child.

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