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Tyger Tyger

             "The Lamb" and "The Tyger" are two animals created by and immortal being and both of the, have to coexist with one another on this planet. These two poems written by William Blake are trying to show that good and evil is present in society but it serves a purpose.
             In the poem "The Lamb" the main method used throughout the poem is the use of answers and questions directed and the lamb. The symbolic lamb is being asked if he is aware of his maker and if he is grateful for all that he has received. The author is also showing the beauty and splendor of the lamb by commenting on its "clothing of delight" and "tender voice". Then the maker is revealed as also being a Lamb and a little child, which is referring to Jesus and God. .
             In the poem "The Tyger" the same method of answers and questions are used but this time they are toward the Tyger. The first and last stanzas are the same and also the last words starting with the first two lines rhyme. The author also makes reference to the Lamb from the other poem. This poem talks about the creation of a powerful beast and whether or not he was created by the same god. The Tyger is also magnificent "what shoulder, and what art" but he is also intimidating "frame thy fearful symmetry".
             The connection I drew between the two poems is that they talk about the creation of the beasts the Lamb and the Tyger. They are both magnificent yet so different from each other. The Lamb is soft, pretty, and a prey while the Tyger is fearful, dreadful, and a predator. There has to be that balance in nature and life. A good for every bad and I think that is what William Blake is trying to show through these poems. Both creatures were created by an immortal power and both must live in the world created for them.

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