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The Legalization of Marijuana

            To Persuade: The Benefits of the Legalization of Marijuana.
             The question of legalizing marijuana has become a seriously controversial and highly disputed issue in the United States today. It seems ironic that the mightiest nation in the world remains unable to reach the most obvious of solutions to this growing problem. The real question here should be this; why should a substance that has been proven to be much less harmful than alcohol, tobacco and many prescription drugs remain illegal. By legalizing marijuana, the Government could bring millions in tax revenue.
             There are many ways that our country could benefit from de-criminalizing marijuana. Number one is the simple matter of cash. There is nothing Americans and our government love more than money; after all, it's what makes the world go round, right? Legalizing this substance would save the government and its tax payer's money by decreasing the number of incarcerated persons who remain imprisoned for offenses related to marijuana. Right now, over 50% of convicts in the U.S. have been incarcerated for minor drug offenses, the majority merely for possession.
             It is also crucial to point out that there is an enormous market for cannabis and could potentially serve as a huge "cash-crop" for the United States. After all, supply exceeds demand and since it will always be possible to obtain marijuana you would think that governments would realize that with legalization and controlled sale they could make enormous profit. Take the state of Oregon for example, they plan to sell marijuana in liquor stores and estimate that it will bring in five hundred million, or 20% of state revenue. This money will then be turned around and re-invested into primary and secondary education, as well as narcotic awareness programs. .
             The Netherlands came to serve as sort of the pioneer in soft-drug legalization when they first de-criminalized marijuana in the 1970s.

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