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Liberal politics

             Liberal or Conservative, media plain and simple is slanted. Anyway you put it, this statement is a fact. The country always seems to have something to say about media depending on the current events. If it is republican, the media is too left-winged, and if it is a democrat, then the media just seems to head a little too much to the right. It is definite that the most media today is liberal. .
             Bias media has overwhelmed the United States ever since Watergate. Of course it existed before that, The Media portrayed the scandal as an in-depth conspiracy of the entire Republican Party, not just Nixon. Although, much of the Republican Party was to blame, the majority of the media decided to conveniently add that the whole party was also to blame. I think this was the point when the media turned left. .
             The 2000 election was a victim of media bias. No matter what anyone said, Al Gore had an advantage throughout the entire election. There was a democratic leader in charge of our country, and not to mention, a democratic congress. Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman stated in 2000 that Republican George W. Bush is unprepared to be president, as the tight and increasingly personal race for the White House headed into its final week. The Reuters/MSNBC daily tracking poll released that Bush had slightly widened his lead over Gore to three points, but separate surveys of nine states showed the race could still go either way. After Lieberman's statements, for months, Democrats questioned if the 54-year-old son of former President George Bush had the ability and experience needed to be president. Nine days to go before Election Day, Lieberman flatly and publicly made that declaration. In response, Bush senior adviser Ari Fleischer denounced Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore for "one of the most negative finishes in presidential politics." "He has authorized his surrogates to take this campaign to new lows," Fleischer told reporters when asked about Lieberman's comments, adding: "I think you're seeing in the final week, a very negative, divisive and bitter campaign .

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