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Eye opening islands adventure

            I have traveled to many beautiful places in the world. So far nothing has even come close to the natural beauty or replaces the cultural experience I had when I visited the Islands of Hawaii. All of the islands are very similar but also quite different. I will hopefully give a little insight on how I visited these islands and experienced first hand the differences in civilizations from island to island.
             My trip started out with my girlfriend and I visiting the Island of Oahu. Oahu is the third biggest island in the chain of islands. As you land on the island and look out the window you feel as though you are going to land on a very big piece of rock floating in the middle of the ocean. After the extremely long flight we made are way into Waikiki where we were staying for a few days. As you leave the airport and are driving into the city you can't help but to be in trance with the green plants and trees on the mountainside of the island. You feel as though you and all the vegetation are the only things on the island. Plants and trees all covered with flowers so vibrant with color that it takes your breath away. However, the closer you get to the City of Honolulu you start to see houses that start appearing out of know where. Then the houses are soon among small buildings, the buildings keep on getting taller. All of a sudden we are down town near Waikiki. To my surprise there are office buildings and hotels the size of ours here in Chicago. Everywhere I look there are people. It is strange to see tourists on their way to the beach in swimsuits, and business people on their way to work in suits. This surprised me, for we were expecting to see an older Hawaiian City barley modernized by civilization. Instead it was a thriving hustling and bustling city with a breathtaking backdrop of mountains on one side and beautiful white sand with deep blue ocean on the other. I was not expecting to see an actual full running city like on the main land.

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