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Heart of darkness

            The journey through the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is a voyage through the treacherous Congo River. Marlow, the central narrator in Heart of Darkness, and his crew, make their way on their steamer up to the primeval world. Marlow's journey into the Heart of Darkness symbolizes a journey through madness and hell traveling through the mystery of the unknown. .
             Before Marlow's journey, he went to the doctor for his examination. ""I always ask leave, in the interests of science, to measure the crania of those going out there," he said. ""And when they come back, too?" I asked. "Oh, I never see them," he remarked; "And moreover, the changes take place inside, you know." He smiled, as if at some quiet joke. "So you are going out there. Famous. Interesting, too." He gave me a searching glance, and made another note. "Ever any madness in your family?" he asked, in a matter-of-fact tone. I felt very annoyed." (Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad p.75) From the conversation of Marlow and the doctor, Marlow feels nervous, since he isn't the only one attempting to travel the Congo River. Eerie and dangerous things will occur since other explorers never came back. The doctor thinks Marlow is crazy for attempting to travel the Congo River, that's why he asked if there was madness is his family. Marlow states "I felt as though, instead of going to the centre of a continent, I were about to set off for the centre of the earth". (Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad p.77) Marlow had second thoughts about his trip up the Congo River. He had a queer feeling, as if something were wrong. But Marlow is willing to risk all obstacles and take chances. His gut feeling told him to continue on with his journey.
             Marlow's description of the journey upriver uses language that summon up an image of a primeval world, "Going up that river was like traveling back to the earliest beginnings of the world, when vegetation rioted on the earth and the big trees were kings" (Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad p.

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