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Frank Lloyd Wright

            One of the world's most famous houses is the weekend retreat called Fallingwater. The Design was made by the well known Frank Lloyd Wright. The building of the house begun in 1936 and was completed in the following year, Wright designed the house for Pittsburgh department store owner Edgar J. Kaufmann, whose son, Edgar Jr., was a Taliesin fellow.
             Wright never liked to draw until he knew what he was going to draw. This is the way it came out of his head. And this is the way he planned. Wright named his building Fallingwater as it sounded good. It would eventually become the most famous modern house in the world. And he had drawn it all in less than three hours. .
             Wright wanted to associate the stream with the house so therefore he planed for that association. Hence the steps from living room to stream, Wright intended to deepen the stream for a swimming pool under the house at the foot of these steps. "With artificial collateral pools will look foolish" Wright says. Again the main floor is a projecting balcony over the stream. To put stairs from the balcony to the ground robs the balcony of any character.
             Fallingwater's floors and roofs are dramatically cantilevered over the waterfall of Bear Run, a creek in western Pennsylvania. Finished in reinforced concrete, the house's floating planes echo the stream's cascading flow. Every detail reinforces Wright's vision; floors and ceiling expand outward independently, vertical elements extend this movement skyward, and windows meet at the corners of rooms, opening to erode the very notion of containment.
             Wright's design makes the interior space of the house continue with the outdoors, combining the house with its site. He planned originally to cover the building in gold leaf which would mimic the color of dying plants and thereby connect the house to the change of seasons and the passage of time, but eventually the concrete surfaces were painted a beige color.

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