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            The renaissance was a time of radical change in perspective and thought. With the rediscovery of true individualism a new wave swept among the population, a wave that redefined a complete man. These new thoughts greatly differed from the ones of the Middle Ages and the pattern of human thought was reformed. No longer did people think of "we" or did everything in the name of Christ. The renaissance was a time of "I" and personal glory. With this a new man was formed, one seeking fame and attention and one who laid the groundwork for the ideals of today.
             The idea of a man was originally that of a provider, someone who worked the fields and put the food on the table. He would protect the house and his family. Education was not that big of a deal, his first responsibility was to his household. He was humble to the Lord and did everything in his name. The art he created, the books he wrote were all centered on God and kept to the code of the Church. At some point though this all folded. During the renaissance this perspective changed drastically and a man was called upon for more then just food and protection. Now a man was expected to be learned and be able to understand several languages. He would need a taste in art and literature, but he would also be a skilled fighter and a man of strength. His art would reflect his thoughts, his own persona, and everything he did; he did for his own gain. A man would need to be skilled with a sword and a pen, a true warrior poet, in order to be worthy of being called a man of virtu. .
             The Middle Ages was a time of toil and hardship, it was a constant uphill battle and life was one of servitude. God and the will of the Church were the driving force behind all art and the lively hood of all people. Whatever someone did, they did in the name of the Lord and not for their own good, but for the love of God and the blessing of the Church. These people lived as holy servants until the radical thought of individualism revealed its self.

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