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Laurier international Relations

            When Canada became a nation, there was a huge variety of opinions and ways of thinking. It was really hard to get every one to agree on one decision. Laurier stepped into this chaos and tried to gather the Canadians under one platform. .
             Canada was trapped in a very difficult situation as it confronted the Boer war. It was expected to bring troops for Britain's assistance. The English wanted to participate and help out their mother country. The pressure from media and other political leaders was also increasing. The French, on the other hand, totally opposed the idea. Canada had nothing to do with the war, so why should it have to join? Eventually the decision was made that Canada would assist any volunteers that wanted to help Britain. So the outcome wasn't entirely based ion Britain's commands or, only affected by one part of Canada. .
             And then again, in 1909, Canada was caught in a conflict. Britain needed Canada's help in enlarging its navy against Germany. Laurier could not satisfy Britain with just the financial aid. Again the English-Canadians wanted to jump right in and help out. But, of course, the French contradicted. So Laurier decided to build Canada's own navy, and in case of war, Canadian navy would join the British. It's clear that Canada is trying to reach a decision of its own and not totally be influenced by Britain's orders. .
             The period of Laurier's rule was a time of maturity for the new born country. Laurier continuously tried to satisfy everyone: the British, the English and the French Canadians. All these decisions were influenced by confusion and contradiction. Laurier always had to come up with a compromised resolution to please all. But it's obvious that Laurier was trying to get out of Britain's hold, act like an independent leader, and make choices that were chosen by Canadians. Although the French and English were in conflict during the issues, the nation was persistently trying to get to a resolution.

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