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Discuss the presentation of Hamlet

             Hamlet is the dominant figure throughout the play. He is regarded as Shakespeare's most powerful and complex creation, and still holds the interest of the modern audience. Many well known actors throughout the ages have considered the role of Hamlet as the highlight of their career. Hamlet in recent times has been played by Kenneth Branagh, Mel Gibson and famously by Lawrence Olivier. .
             Hamlet is not the typical hero we expect from a revenge tragedy and this perhaps is the central reason why we find his unpredictability so interesting. Hamlet's first appearance is in court; here he seems like an outsider even though he is the Prince. His first words are an aside, "A little more than akin and less than kind", his words are enigmatic and reveal his bitterness and hostility. It is clear even from this early point in the play that it is in the medium of language not action that Hamlet feels most comfortable. Hamlet strives for knowledge and spirituality. The death of his father hits him very hard. His mother questions his grief he answers in a defensive manner "seems madam? Nay it is; I know not seems". His grief is real and true, not an act.
             The soliloquies reveal a lot about Hamlet they contain all the major themes, including death, suicide, suffering, action and the emptiness of existence. In these soliloquies Shakespeare uses beautiful almost poetic language and reveals the depth of Hamlet's thoughts. Soliloquies are a useful tool for a writer as it allows them to develop the character and reveal more about the character's inner turmoil. This tool is particularly important in this play as during Hamlet's assumed madness he is continually censoring his speech so only when he is alone can we hope to learn his true feelings. In these soliloquies Hamlet is presented as a deep and reflective thinker.
             In his first soliloquy "O that this too solid flesh would melt" his suicidal state of mind is revealed.

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