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Legalization of Marijuana

             In the United States, there are many controversial issues, one concerning the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana consists of dried up leaves from a cannabis plant. The leaves of this plant are usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria. Euphoria is when you are overcome with feelings of joy or happiness. The reasons for legalizing this drug seem to be endless. Marijuana should not be considered anymore harmful than alcohol or tobacco. This drug is used to ease the pain of many sick people and if it were made legal, it would make it more convenient for those who are sick to get it. The most important reason is that that the United States Government would greatly benefit from its legalization.
             Marijuana can be smoked in a joint or a blunt, much like tobacco; however, there are safer ways of smoking it. Most marijuana users smoke it through a bong or a water pipe. By using a bong or a water pipe, one is filtering harmful carcinogens out of the smoke, therefore; making it safer. It is actually not possible to become physically addicted to this drug. Tobacco is a physically addicting drug. Tobacco and marijuana have the same amount of carcinogens but tobacco users consume more tobacco than they would marijuana because tobacco is the most addictive drug there is with a 90% addiction rate. Alcohol causes more deaths on the road then any other drug because it makes you act out of character and do things you might not even remember the next day and although it is often compared to marijuana, it is really a lot more harmful; However, marijuana is illegal and tobacco and alcohol are not. Drinking a large amount of alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning which can cause death. It is impossible to overdose when using marijuana. One would have to consume 40,000 times, what would could be considered physically possible. Marijuana is said to be a gateway drug; however, a study done Holland show that when marijuana was made legal, cocaine and heroin use declined substantially.

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