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Religion or Cult

             In everyday language, we sometimes overlook similiarilities in words, and think.
             of them as almost having the same meaning. Two words can have entirely different.
             definitions, but be referred to as synonyms of each other. This can remain true for many .
             words in the English language. A good example of this circumstance exists between the .
             words religion and cult. In this essay I will discuss the major differences of these two .
             words and some similarities they have in definition. .
             It is common for someone to think of religion as faith in a higher power. I believe .
             that an individual's religion is something that is precious, sacred and often taken for .
             granted. Individuals look to their faith for help and security when in the worst of times of .
             their lives. Every time I hear this word I visualize my church and I flashback to spiritual .
             experiences of my own. When the thought of a cult arises, you think of a bizarre spiritual .
             practice by a small group of people. Usually these people cannot think for themselves .
             and have a spiritual leader give them instructions on nearly everything. To me this word .
             visualizes unusual rituals, pain, sacrifices and life-long imprisonment. The main .
             difference here is quite simple. The motives of both groups contrast each other. In a .
             religion, you are a given a free will to express yourself and live your life as you deem .
             worthy. If you choose to change you religion, you can without question. A cult has a .
             dictatorship nature, where you must report to your leader to assist you with living your .
             everyday life. This intention is established so that people will have loyalty and not stray from the practice.
             I can determine from my own knowledge, that these words are extremely .
             different in nature. However, they are actually quite similar by definition. Merriam-.
             Webster defines religion as a set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings .
             of a spiritual leader. It is also a belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or .

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