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Cartier - Explorer

             This essay I have written will deal with the life of Jacques Cartier.
             First, I will explain my explorer's background. I will also explain how.
             Cartier interacted with the Native Americans he encountered. Also, how his.
             discoveries or failures effect future explorations or the actions of the nation he.
             was exploring for. Fourth, I will talk about a major crisis during Cartier's.
             travels. I will also mention how he solved it.
             There is not much known about Jacques Cartier's background until.
             1543. However, we do know that he was born in St. Malo, France in the year.
             Cartier liked the Native Americans very much. The natives he.
             encountered on his very first voyage were very friendly. As he entered.
             Chaleur Bay, he saw over fifty canoes of the Micmac Indians. There, they.
             told him, "Napeu tondamen assurtah." This phrase means, "We want to.
             make friendship." In Cartier's second voyage, he met the Huron Indians near.
             present day Quebec. Here, he met Domagaia. These natives insisted that.
             Cartier stop sailing west. In an effort to keep him from going west, two.
             Huron medicine men dressed up as devils. Cartier just laughed at them and.
             sailed away. After encountering another Huron village, where there were.
             many festivities that he participated in. During these festivities, a Native.
             American named Donnaconna told Cartier a story. This story was about a.
             land called Saguenay by the natives. This land had much gold and jewels. .
             Cartier, wanting the riches, kidnapped Donnaconna and his sons. He took.
             them to France to tell the king about Saguenay. Cartier, in a later voyage,.
             found this land. Or, so he thought, all his men found were quarts and iron.
             Cartier effected his country in many ways. First, finding the mouth of.
             the St. Lawrence River sparked even more exploration to find a north-west.
             passage. Also, he found a river to Montreal that also sparked exploration. .
             Cartier sailed around Newfoundland to prove it was one large island instead.

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