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Is the Bean Trees Sexist?

            Is the book The Bean Trees sexist? Yes the book is sexist. Throughout the book, the author shows men as evil and horrible human beings. The first reason why the book is sexist is the author often uses the theme, oppression of women, to portray men as discriminatory towards women. The second reason is how the author makes men to be either evil, oppressing dirt bags, or nice men who can't fulfill their duties as providers.
             The oppression of women is the main theme in the Bean Trees. Throughout the book men oppress women. Jolene's father repeatedly called her a slut. Because of her father Jolene decided that she would just become a slut. "Why not my daddy"d been calling me a slut practically since I was thirteen, so why the hell not?".
             The book either shows men to be evil or to be nice men that can not provide for their families. Throughout, men are mean and evil towards women and are shown as dirt bags. However, the author introduces Estevan. Estevan is a loving caring man who Taylor says she could fall in love with. Estevan may be a loving man but then we are told that he works in the kitchen of resteraunt. Because of his job his family struggles and they have to live in safe house. " This is why I like chopsticks: I work in a Chinese resteraunt. I am the dishwasher." By making Estevan have a bad job with little pay the author portrays the only nice man to be a weak guy who can not take care of his family. .
             The Bean Trees is a sexist book. The book portrays men to be evil and cruel beings. It is sexist because it shows the oppression of women to be its main theme. The author then introduces a nice man into the story but the man is weak and he can not provide money to his family. .

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