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Essay on Africa

            Throughout my years of education I have retained a plethora of information about the history of our world. However, other than the lessons taught about the issue of slavery and its effect on American history, I have never had the chance to learn about the social, political, geographical, or historical aspects of Africa. Once I entered college a new database of information became available to me on subjects that I was never previously introduced to. As a person with an intense desire to travel the world and a strong thirst for knowledge, I took this class to better understand a continent in which I know very little about. .
             After taking European history and American history I began to realize that there are many other places that I have yet to learn about. Once I heard from a friend that there was a class called Geography of Africa I considered it my chance to receive Gordon Rule credit and explore the foreign world of Africa. Since this is my first class ever solely based on Africa it has been very interesting and informative semester. Not only do I now have a broader knowledge of the continent, but I am certain that I will eventually visit to see all the beauty of Africa with my own two eyes. Although there are hundreds of different sites to visit and activities to participate in, the number one destination on my list of things to see is Kenya. As an outdoorsman who loves the open sky and being surrounded by nature, I can't think of anything better than hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro on a beautiful day and looking out over the valley. The information I've learned about Africa helps me to truly appreciate all that it has to offer and how far it has come as a nation. .
             As with any other growing nation Africa has a diverse culture stemming from its long history and unique physical geography. Unlike most other places Sub-Saharan Africa is a plateau region that tilts downward from east to west.

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