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Personal Memoir

             The word Homelessness is defined as having no home or haven.
             stopped everything to help the homeless, would it still be enough to end this ongoing plague. .
             The neglect of human interest towards homelessness will result as a thorn pricking cities in the .
             back. .
             Many people think of Homelessness as a deserved punishent for the bad choices they .
             have made throughout life. An article in the World News says,"One reason often cited for the .
             rise in America's homeless population was the growing trend toward deinstitutionalization of the .
             mentally ill. . Many mentally ill were let go without any choice but to live on the streets or in .
             homeless shelters."(Key Issue: Homelessness) A personal article from Grace Ross in the .
             Boston Globe says, "My sense is that when you ask if there's enough awareness, if there's still .
             this big a problem, there's not enough awareness, . People think that homelessness is just a .
             few guys who are alcoholics on the streets. It's not the case."(Homelessness) Homelessness is .
             caused by a number of different reasons from drugies,alcoholics, and runaways to mental .
             problems and poor veterans. Many people stereotype the real truth about how they become .
             The numbers involved in homelessness is overwhelming considering the constant rise of .
             homeless each year. A survey issued by World News states,"Survey's have shown that roughly .
             40% of homeless people are mentally ill."(Homelessness) "The National Coalition for the .
             homeless estimated that on any given night, about 700,000 people are homeless, either sleeping .
             on the streets or in shelters."(Key Issue: Homelessness) According to the U.S. Conference of .
             Mayors,"A coalition of mayors from cities with populations of 30,000 or more, about half of .
             them are single men, while 14% are single women; and families with children make up about .
             36% of the homeless population."(Homelessness) An article from the Christian Century .
             says,"According to the Annual Survey by the Association of Gospel Rescue, Almost 60% of .

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