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Dead Mans path

             The villagers were very superstitious they even had their head priest come and talk to the new headmaster about this little problem. As far as the school property being destroyed I think it was both the souls of the ancestors and the newly dead. You also can't count out the new born child who could not be born because it couldn't get though the gate. That is what probably angered the souls of the ancestors the most. The old priest Ani told the headmaster "It is the path of children coming in to be born- so because the baby could not get though it set off a chain of events. First you have a young baby trying to be born into the world that can not get though because of some stupid fence blocking the path because a stupid new headmaster put it there. Next you have a woman who dies because her baby can not be born. So already you have two deaths and two lost souls because the mother couldn't get though either. Why wouldn't this anger the souls of the ancestors? They probably wasn't as mad about the mother not getting though, but it was really bad when an innocent baby couldn't get though so it can be born and live it's life. I bet that really made the ancestors mad. After all of the years they have been walking this path, all of the people that have been born and all of the people that have died came though this very path it made them go crazy when they found out that they couldn't do this anymore all because of a stupid barb wired fence blocking their way. So of course they had to retaliate. The headmaster and the people at the school probably believed that it was the villagers that tore down the school and messed everything up. That is a reasonable thought maybe they did. Maybe they did come in the middle of the night because the angered ancestors told them to and tore everything apart being lead by their head priest Ani. So they tear up school and break down the fence knowing that the superintendent was coming soon because the head priest Ani told them.

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