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Paul: Male Chauvinist of Proponent of Women

            The issue of Paul and women has been a hotly debated topic since the beginning of the early Christian church. Some have argued, using scriptural support that Paul advocated for the subordination of women. Others, however, have interpreted these scriptures to mean that Paul advocated for the egalitarian treatment of both men and women. Whichever Paul advocated, it seems as though he was certainly not consistent. In one epistle, he declares that men and women are equal. In another, he orders women to remain silent in the churches. Somewhere, along the lines, things have been misinterpreted. The passages that state that women are subordinate to men have been misinterpreted. Paul did not advocate for the oppression of women. Rather, he sought to make women more active participants in a Christian life, as well as in formal church settings. .
             People opposed to the idea of women in the church seem to use the same verses that they've interpreted as anti-women as their scriptural support. Rarely do these scholars refute the passages in Pauline texts that promote equal treatment for women. While using scriptural support is perfectly acceptable to support ones position, one must also take into account all the Biblical references that directly refute their position. It's imperative that they take into account those passages that promote equality for women .
             and men. Interpreting any part of scripture must go beyond a superficial reading. One must understand why the text was written in order to be able to fully comprehend and apply it appropriately. In order to appropriately interpret texts, one must read that text in light of the rest of the scripture. You cannot isolate a certain passage and correctly understand it. Some people who advocate for women's subordination in the church have isolated certain passages in order to promote their position. You can make the Bible say anything you want it to when you take passages out of their context.

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