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Helping or Hindering

             What do you think about teens holding part time jobs while going to school? Many people have very mixed positions on this question. Throughout the essays about part-time work they brought many issues and ideas to every ones mind about different stands about part time work. Although critics urge that working part-time can interfere with a teenagers education some students should hold part-time jobs while going to school, but only if they work 20 hours or less because it helps build independence, responsibility, and some work skills.
             Education is a big concern to many when it comes to working teens. Many believe that kids are missing out on education if they hold a job while going to school. "They slack on homework and sleep during first period because of long work hours at night. This may be true in some teens but not all. Teens wouldn't spend their extra time doing homework, they would do other things like hang out with friends or watch T.V. A friend of mine doesn't have a job so she spends all her extra time with her boyfriend instead of doing homework. Also some might argue saying that students drop out of school for these low dead end jobs. I would respond and say that these students weren't determined enough in the first place to stay in school and get an education that is why they dropped out.
             When teens start there first job they show and acquire more independence and responsibility. Teens split away from their parents support and start to make their own money. As in "Part-Time work Ethic: Should Teens go for it" one students states " I wanted to be independent and I felt it was time to see what the world was really like." There comes a time in all teenagers life when they want to have a job. Some might dispute by saying that this isn't true and they won't learn to be independent. Also teens feel responsible when they have a job. By making their own money they can buy there own things and don't have to ask their parents for money.

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