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Power abuse

             What is power? My friend Webster defines it as the ability to do things, by virtue of strength, skill, resources, or authorization, and it is that authorization I want to focus on. Within Christianity, the authorization comes from God. A friend of mine once said that "God doesn't call the qualified, he Qualifies the called". It is God who gives the power to people, but mixed with free choice, and human nature, God given authority can be a dangerous thing. .
             Billy Graham ministries took in $125.8 million in 2000. Over the years he has Witnessed to over 210 million people in more than 185 countries and territories. I have met many people including my father who came to the realization of Christ through Billy Graham. Is that not power? Luckily for the Christian Community, Billy Graham is extremely biblically based. However, if he decided to abuse his power, how many people would follow him?.
             Is it wise to let one man posses so much power? True, he uses his power for good, but what if he abused it? How many would be led astray off of the word of one man? There are two main motives for people to abuse power. Some people are rightfully placed in a position of power, and it is their pride that makes them misuse their power. Some people see an opportunity to gain power in religion, and obtain it just to abuse it.
             (Put up verses overhead).
             1 Samuel 8:4-7 talks about how the people wanted a tangible human king to follow the example of their neighbors. (Read Vs 7).
             So Saul was anointed as the king over all of Israel. After Saul disobeyed the commands of the Lord Several times, God took his spirit away from Saul. However, the people still followed Saul, because he was God's Anointed one. (Read 2nd VS) Later Saul abused his power when he became jealous of David's fame. He spent many years just trying to kill David, and his extreme pride even drove him to throw a spear at his favorite son Jonathan after Jonathan had helped David Escape.

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