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Huck Finn: Some Endings are Better Left Untold

             Ernest Hemmingway once said, "All modern American literature comes from one.
             book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn. This novel is read by countless people every.
             year and considered a classic. But "Huckleberry Finn" isn't perfect, and many feel that.
             Twain's writing style took a turn for the worst while writing the last ten chapters of the.
             The first thirty-one chapters of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are what most .
             people think of when they think of the title. It's a story of a young outcast named Huck,.
             seeking adventure, and a runaway slave named Jim, seeking freedom, both on a raft,.
             floating down the Mississippi river. Twain tells the story from Huckleberry's point of view,.
             using his naive and innocent mind to convey the unfairness and hypocrisy of slavery and.
             Christianity, and how cruel people can be to one another. During the course of those.
             chapters, Huck and Jim form a kind of father-son bond, and Huck stops thinking what he's.
             been taught- that slavery is right, and blacks are inferior. But when Huck and Jim's raft gets.
             hit by a steam boat and separated at the place where the river forks, splitting off into the.
             Ohio river, the story goes a different direction. Mark Twain himself was a river boat.
             captain on the Mississippi river, but never traveled past that fork in the Mississippi, which.
             could possibly be the reason the book took it's fateful turn.
             The last ten chapters of Huckleberry Finn take Huck to a ranch Where Jim, who has.
             been captured, is being kept. When he arrives at the house the Phelps family thinks he is.
             their cousin, Tom Sawyer (also Huck's best friend) who is coming to stay with them. On.
             impulse Huck lies and says he is. He finds the real Tom and tells him the situation and they.
             plan to help Jim escape. This is where critics begin calling the ending problematic. First was.
             the physical move past the shore, way up on to land on the Phelps farm. One theme in the.
             novel is that the river represents freedom for Huck and Jim, and the shore and land.

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