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"The Destructors" Composition

            The boys of the Wormsley Common Gang underwent a serious, yet devious set of destruction. It was so devious because of it was targeted at a man who had done no harm to them; yet they felt apathetic towards him - but so obligated to destroy his house. The fuel behind their action was comprised purely of a greed for fame.
             The boys used Old Misery as their victim to forego their vicious crime. Trevor, known as T., was the ruthless mastermind behind the whole scheme, and throughout the story he appeared to be the leader of the gang. Blackie, the branded leader, became a pseudo-leader of sorts, as T. took charge of operation. T. had his whole mind set and made up about the plan. Being very commanding, the rest of the gang had a hard time disagreeing with him. For instance, while the boys were carrying out the plan of destroying Old Misery's household, one of the members asked if the should stop (since they had already damaged enough). But, Trevor, being so sure and confident of himself and the plan replied and said "We've hardly started." Shortly after that, T. was warned that Old Misery was making his way back to the house while they were still in it and that he should dismiss himself immediately. He refused - he wanted to continue the destruction because he felt anyone could . The damage they had unleashed. Of course, everyone agreed with him, otherwise they would be considered soft.
             The amount these boys destroyed was tremendous. Perhaps living in a city that had been bombed and left in rubble distorted their view on how much damage they were doing. In a city of ruins, the sights of shattered buildings and homes could have desensitized the boys - which also have persuaded them to them to deal more damage to property for them to feel satisfied.
             "Theres nothing personal" said T., when serving Old Misery food while his crew were wrecking his house. Those words of slight sympathy flowed so politely out of Trevor's mouth so ironic.

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