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             A misunderstood people, the Vikings were unique for their time. The Vikings were often seen as warrior barbarians with no education and no sense of justice by their fellow "more civilized" Europeans. However that is where the Europeans were wrong. The Vikings were just as sophisticated as other seemingly more advanced societies because of their intricate way of life, writing and alphabet, and their superior military technology.
             The society of the Vikings was intricate and confusing to the extent that all supposedly great civilized nations were at the time. One of the Vikings greatest contributions to society was their development of the Althingi; a parliament that was originally was held outside that discussed legal disputes, justice, and law. (History of Althingi 1)The Althingi is still in use today in its native Iceland. (History of Althingi 1) Another thing Vikings had that the other great nations had was a social class system; the lowest in the order being the thralls, who were similar to slaves; then came the leysing or freedmen, farmers who rented their land; then the bondi and karls who were farmers that owned their own land; then the landowners whom had inherited their land due to hereditary rights, then came the landsmenn, like barons, and various aristocrats; and finally the kings of which there were multiple ones. (Viking Social Organization 1) The laws of the Vikings were often seen as barbaric, although they were really just more straightforward. (The Vikings 1) For example, a criminal would be tried in a court with a jury of 12 or more depending on the case, the jury would either find him guilty or not guilty. (The Vikings 1) If the criminal was guilty, he would be fined or have to become and outlaw and live in the mountains, and if they had any sort of title, be stripped of it. (The Vikings 1)These are just an example of a small part of Viking society with all its particulars, it would take multiple books to describe all of their society's many workings.

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