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Bob Marley

             How can one believe that Bob Marly died at the age of 35 by brain cancer, or at 24, Jimi Hendrix choked himself to death on his own vomit? It is my belief that these are the works of some inscrutable unnamed world controllers.
             Sure, these tragic events could have possibly occurred, however, there are more cases like this that prove that there is a conspiracy beyond and higher than the government. It is a world latent to the public, a place full of control, and a business with more power than ever. In a word, an enigma. It is irrefutable that it is a strange occurrence that all of the past music leaders have been killed. Marly and Hendrix bothered no one; they only put great music out there with great messages. But, these "controllers" only saw chaos in their words and brought their lives to an end; giving the world some crazy, incontrovertible story, creating an image that Marly and Hendrix were hooligans. Also, it is no coincidence that Buddy Holly lost his life in a plane crash. It was planned. The people of the west thought he had a bad image; he played "Negro music" and was a horrible influence. So, the higher powers killed the music by killing Holly. Hence, the day the music died. It was the same sort of case with Elvis Presley. No one had ever witnessed his kind of dancing before, well, the white people that is. So, his public persona, starting out as just a man bringing some rock"n roll to the white world, was changed into some sort of monster. The press destroyed him, turning him into an overweight-hopeless, bringing him to suicide. He may have been at fault for that, however, it was the world controllers that drove him to it. Another case: Michael Jackson. Enough said. That man has been so badly screwed be these furtive "underground workers", it is not even worth getting into.
             So why do they do this? Perhaps it's the control-effect. Being such a great artist gathers lots of followers, gaining lots of power, creating what? Too much control? Or maybe it's the influence they bring; "warping the minds of the youth".

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