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Compare and contract William Blake's poems "The Tiger" and "

            Compare and contract William Blake's poems "The Tiger" and "The Lamb".
             He became a poet, artist and an engraver. He loved London very much, the sights, sounds and smells were a big inspiration to his poetry. William was a radical outsider. He rebelled against all institutions, schools, the church and the monarchy. He was religious but hated organized religion.
             Songs of Innocence was published in 1789. This was a collection of poems all about lambs, children and the happy things in live. Then he published a collection of poems called Songs of Experience, which was published in 1794. These poems where about more adult things like religion, the way that adults had to work and the way that the industrial revolution came into the perspective. These two collections contain some of the best-known poems in the English language. Blake really explores the contradicting stakes of innocence and experience. The Lamb from Songs of Innocence and The Tiger from Songs of Experience demonstrate these contradictions excellently, effectively and very well. .
             Songs of Innocence is a collection of poems that see the natural world without fear. They are all written with the voice of a child. These poems are about a safe world, in which children can have the confidence in the beauty of the things in the world. The poems are based on the world of a child. An example of this poetry is The Lamb. This poem appeals to the child in us. The lamb is the most innocent of Gods creatures. The poem is written as if addressing a child. The rhyme scheme that is used in this poem is simple rhyming couplets. It's like a nursery rhyme or like a lullaby. The first verse of the poem asks questions, "Little lamb who made thee? Dost thou know who made thee?". These words create images that are natural, soft and gentle. Words that are used to create these images are words like mead, delight, bright, softest, gentle, tender and rejoice. A loving god made and created the lamb.

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