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            In Candide, Voltaire shows his hated for two anti-Enlightenment views: war and religion. He also shows the importance of education, reason, and science throughout the book, which are two very important Enlightenment ideas. Candide goes through several experiences with the military that are unsettling to him. Voltaire shows his hatred of religion throughout the novel and the only place where religion exists is in the perfect world of Eldorado. .
             Candide's first unpleasant encounter with war/military comes in Waldberghoff-trarbk-dikdorff. He in encountered by two men who notice him by saying "Comrade, there's a well-built young man who's just the right height." They then ask Candide to dine with them but Candide says he has no money. They reply by saying "Ah, sir, people of your appearance and merit never pay anything: aren't you five feet five?" He accepts their invitation and after they eat they immediately put irons on his legs and took him to a regiment. Since Pangloss taught Candide, he was a philosopher and one day Candide strolled off from the army. He was caught and brought back and put in a dungeon. .
             Candide had a choice of which punishment he could take, to be beaten thirty-six times by the whole regiment, or to receive twelve bullets in his brain. Voltaire then says "It did him no good to maintain that man's will is free and that he wanted neither: he had to make a choice. Using the gift of God known as freedom- The idea of man's will being free was an Enlightenment view. Candide chose to run the gauntlet, which wasn't very pleasant, and became his first unpleasant encounter with war/military. .
             After the war between the King of Avar and Bulgar Voltaire gives a horrific description of what Candide sees in the villages he walks through. It talks about "old men with wounds all over their bodies were watching the death of throes of butchered women who clutched their children to their bloody breasts.

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