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Rush Limbaugh & O

            Rush Limbaugh and Bill O"Reilly are two of America's most political outspoken men in America and they have a completely different way of thinking and doing things. I will compare and contrast the differences of the two men Bill O"Reielly and Rush Limbaugh.
             Rush Hudson Limbaugh III was born in 1951 in Missouri he grew up with his brother David Limbaugh in Cape Girardeau Missouri. Rush's education is a High School diploma and attended Southeast Missouri State University for one year. Rush's first job was shining shoes at a barbershop at are 13 and that's wher he first started discussing politics. Rush's first raido job was spinning records at Cape Girardeau's KGMO in 1967. His radio name was Rusty Sharpe. After spinning records he left Cape Girardeau for the big time a radio station in Pittsburg.
             Bill O"Reilly and Rush Limbaugh have a completely different view of life for example Bill O"Reilly was poor when he was young growing up on Long Island New York. He lived in a goog home with both of his parents and sister in Levittown. O"Reilly began a good work ethic early on in life moweing lawns, which ended up turning up into a house painting business. O"Reilly graduated from Marist College in Pough Keepsie New York with a degree in History after he grauated from Marist he taught High Schooll in Miami Flordia for rwo years. After that he returned to school to pursue a Masters degree in Broad Cast Journalism from Boston University to get what he needed to pursue a career in TV.
             Rush Limbaugh after High School worked at a raido station station in Pittsburgh for eight years. In 1975 Rush got tired of raido and worked with the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Chiefs in the publicity office even got a Super Bowl ring with the Chiefs. After his sports mangament dreams. Rush was ready to get back behind the mike, while working in Kansas City, Sacramento's KFBK approached him about heading west and starting a radio show.

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