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Blinding Opiates And Patricide

            The streets of a ghostly kibbutz, outside of Ramallah, have been quiet for quite some time. An unseen Israeli sharpshooter, and a tank battalion underneath, calmly waits amidst a deserted building, scanning alleyway to window within his scope. Suddenly, a man faintly appears from around a corner near the fruit market, with stones in hand. Before any rock has been thrown, and just like an uncontrolled spasm, the sharpshooter's finger squeezes the trigger instantly. A bullet hole and a cloud of red mist are the end results. Why is this soldier perched, ready to kill in the first place? It is because of a conflict in the Middle East: a religious conflict. The United Nations regulates and logs all disturbances in order to problem solve the situation. But, what happens when a religious backbone is the cause of conflict. Is it still the United Nation's obligation to crack down on conflict, no matter the cause? Definitely. A belief system, of a higher power, can hold so strong to some individuals to the point of he or she seeking out to hurt others in the name of his or her deity. And when this opiate takes hold in prominent political figures, havoc and chaos will ensue. The United Nation's prominent issue is dealing with conflicts due to religious fanatics and oppressive governmental figures forcing citizens to carry out their religious ideals.
             Even the most common religious ideals have fanatics that put many peoples" lives at risk: Christianity. The United States has put itself in to the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict not for trade, wealth, or any other reason, but because of what the Old Testament says about Jerusalem and the second coming of Christ. " [fundamentalists] believe in the biblical prophecy that Jerusalem needs to come completely under Israeli occupation for the second coming of Christ. This religious fundamentalist belief is helping to fuel the conflict in the Middle East- (Seneviratne).

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