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Andrew Jackson Biography

             Jackson's main rivals were Henry Clay, John Quincy Adams, and William H. Like Jackson, they were all members of the Jeffersonian Republican party. At that time the appeal of the candidates was based on personality and personal achievement. Many people thought that if they could run an army they could run the country. Clay and Adams had dedication to improvements and economic planning than did their competitors. For his part, Jackson claimed adherence to a "judicious tariff" and to those internal improvements necessary to guarantee national defense. The final decisions gave Jackson ninety-nine electoral votes, against eighty four for Adams, forty one for Crawford, and thirty seven for Clay. .
             Things that happened while he was in office.
             In the time that Jackson was in office many history altering events occurred. Shortly after Jackson was inaugurated in 1829 Congress passed a Pre-emption Act which granted settlers the right to purchase at $1.25 per acre 160 acres of public land which they have cultivated for at least 12 months. This was to protect people from having land that they have already improved being sold to other people. One of the most important events in the time that Jackson was president and in the entire history of the United States was Samuel Colt developing his revolver. The revolver was an important tool used in another important event that occurred while Jackson was president, The Texas War for Independence. Mexican President Santa Anna proclaimed himself dictator and attempted to disarm the Americans in Tejas, sending troops to reclaim a cannon that had been given to the settlers for protection against Indian attacks. When the Americans resisted at an engagement near Gonzales on the Guadalupe River, the Texas War for Independence begins. The Texas War resulted in the loss of American heroes Davie Crockett and James Bowie.
             Occupation before politics.
             Jackson's first occupation was when he was thirteen and joined the Continental Army as a courier.

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