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            They hooded clock sat heavily on her head with sweat, but that didn't stop her. The draped cloth wiping up in the wind, but that didn't stop her. The main thing on everybody's mind; run.
             Nothing would stop them. .
             The mountain had been rumbling for days, nearly weeks, yet no one took any notice. This was normal, almost expected, for this mountain was alive. The loud vibrations of the earth beneath them, no one noticed. The swirling smoke above the great hole above the mountain, no one noticed. .
             This was their first mistake.
             At 12, this young girl had been though hell. Her parents died when she was 3, both of them, in a tribal battle. She was left behind, to cry, to whine, under a tree for days until the chief of the village found her. From that day on, she was the princess of Tichu. This village, Tichu, was an ordinary tribe village that followed their religion. They believed that their princess was a child giving by the gods to watch over them. With this thought on their mind they respected and bowed down to her, giving her all she wanted, everything. This went on for years, until the rumbling became explosions, the vibrations became trembles, impact hit, everybody's mind raced for the same thought; run.
             But now it didn't matter, all she thought about was that one thought that would save her life; run. It didn't matter if she was a princess, if she was respected, if she was a gift from the gods. The hot, bubbling lava wouldn't stop for her; she had one choice and one choice only; run.
             She looked over her shoulder as she ran and saw the fire travelling its way down the mountain. She was amazed at how fast it was travelling; the lava was covering the mountain like icing on a cake. .
             If only she could reach the next village. The next village, Moocha, had been erected on the slope of a mountain. This weird place for a village wasn't picked because of the view, it was picked so if its sister volcano erupted, Moocha would be safe.

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