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            X-Men: Fatal Attractions: The Death of a Dream: In This The Final Battle!.
             The X-Men Series has always been my favorite ever since I was a child; I was an avid comic collector along with the X-Series cards. So when they made it into a movie I was thrilled, and when they came out with a sequel I was overwhelmed. The second X-men movie, or X-2 received much hype from the media advertising it as being the better than the first. After the hype of the second X-Men movie cleared the surface, I chose to dust off my old comic collections and read an issue. I chose to read a random issue called, X-Men: Fatal Attractions: The Death of a Dream: In This The Final Battle!.
             I believe that this comic pertains to popular culture because the movies gave the X-Men Series much hype, and that many people were anticipating for the release of sequel. So the avid X-Men collectors and Marvel fans were anxious for a movie, and a movie is what they got; a really good one!.
             The plot unfolds by Magneto; the villain wants to destroy earth and all X-Men, by destroying earth's electro-magnetic field. Los Angles, Manhattan, Tokyo, Moscow, and other major cities all experience problems once Magneto cuts the E-M line. As Magneto tries to rid the world of X-Men and all humans, Wolverine and other X-Men help stop Magneto once again.
             Being a comic book, it is a story so the dialogue is all narrative. It also changes between tense when the characters are speaking towards one another, or directly about themselves. So it also is in the first and third person dialect. You can actually see the characters and follow along with what is taking place. Its style uses some slang but mostly Standard English. The fighting scenes were they show action uses slang.
             The main conflict in my story is that of the typical villain want to take over the world and like always the heroes are there to stop them. So it is basically your average hero vs.

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