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Family and its relationship to Community

             Family verses community and how the two tie into one another. There are many different ways in which you can look at a family and apply it to a community, as well as apply community to family. Tonnies stresses the importance of family a great deal, in order to have a so called positive community. Not all families are always the ideal ones, but they always offer the initial social bond, which allows experience and familiarization with community in an indirect way. So yes, you"re going to have your positive communities and your negative communities because not all families are social sound as well as community. Family is the stepping stone for community and Tonnies helped me understand family and its importance. A strong family unit can establish a safe and prosperous community. Family is community and community is family.
             Tonnies argues that a community is organic and grows out of relationships or the social bonds of families. The idea that he possesses or should we say theory couldn't be anymore true. Going back to earlier class discussions, embryos and molecules also factor into this theory where the two can be related. Family is something that is very important to ones place in society. It all depends on how the individual is brought up in the world and the lessons in which they possess. Positive communities have positive people and negative communities have negative people, but the question is. "Where do these individual learn and experience community first hand"? Everything ties back to family and what you decide to bring out of it. .
             The relationships shared between mother-father, brother-brother, sister-sister, brother sister etc , are the building grounds for the individuals ability to join community. What is meant by this is the focus all depends on how the individual is raised. Going into depth on positive and negative communities, if all relationships are positive in the family setting, the individual from that family will have a better chance of fitting into a positive society.

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