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Maligha Melanoma Cancer

            Malighana Melanoma Cancer is a disease that you get in your skin. You can get it by being in the sun too long or by being in the tanning beds too much or too long.
             This disease is different because you won't know that you have it unless a doctor checks you out. This disease is not very hard to get, all you have to do is be in the sun too long without sunscreen. .
             You might get angry because you don't think that you could get it. But when you do your shocked. When you find out you have cancer you might get emotional for a while. When you get emotional, the best thing to do is to just let it out. If you start to feel sorry for yourself, let it out; don't keep your feelings inside. If you feel like crying, just cry. If you don't, your just putting more pressure on yourself. So if you feel bad, you should talk to someone about it.
             What can you do to prevent getting Melanoma Cancer? When you go out into the sun, make sure that you are wearing sunscreen, and drink plenty of water. Second, you should not stay outside for too long. Don't stay in a tanning bed for very long either. .
             What are some things that cause Melanoma Cancer? Lets say for example that someday you .
             and some of your friends are out on the beach without sunscreen all day. When you get home later, you realize that you got really burnt. You go to the doctor to find out if he has anything for it and find out that you have melanoma cancer. .
             There are a couple of cures for Melanoma Cancer. One of your choices is having surgery, but that may not get all of it out. Your second choice is getting a treatment called Cryotherpx. It is a small frozen stream of nitrogen gas. This freezes the cancer cells and kills them.
             This disease interests me because it is so common, and people can have it and not even know about it! And it's pretty easy to get if all you have to do is be in the sun too long without sunscreen. I don't know anybody who has melanoma cancer.

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