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Reaction to George W. Bush's State of the Union Essay

             During George Bush's State of the Union address, he mainly expresses his compassion for his country and what his plans are on how to deal with terrorism and several of the other problems that plague our country. The majority of the address deals with his anti slant on terrorism. While terrorism is a serious issue, I still believe that he over stressed his feelings on it. He mentions several times throughout the speech on how evil must be opposed, and I had already gotten what he was saying; instead I would have rather him elaborate more on the other topics. .
             While he may speak a lot on terrorism, his words are definitely meaningful as he expresses how deeply he wants to keep America as safe and secure as possible. Bush's speech reaches out and touches pretty much everybody which I thought was a good thing, as he shows his compassion for people that lost someone during the 9/11 ambush, all of the military who fought for their country, and he even mentions specific individuals, this issue is a universal one and I think Bush affected people in the way that was in his favor, which was to keep them on his side and show everyone that he really cares. George Bush said that he has 3 major priorities within his budget to help the United States, the first one is the security of the nation, secondly he says that he"ll do everything possible to protect the citizens and defend against another attack, and lastly he says he"ll provide economic safety for the American citizens. With the 3 priorities, Bush goes into really in-depth detail as to everything he will do to accomplish these goals, I think he did a great job at showing how serious he was and he really convinced people that he's not going to back off on his promises, which was one of the best things about his speech. Aside from terrorist threats, Bush covers pretty much everything, he covers topics like conserving energy, installing an improved education system, getting people jobs, helping out the unemployed, and greatly improving our economy.

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