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The Monster and the Scissors

             Ever since Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein society has obsessed over non-human intelligence, especially beings created by humans. Digital sentience via The Matrix, extra-terrestrial life via War of the Worlds, and countless ancient mythical creatures create humanity's compendium of the self-aware, non-human creations. The most recent creation to come into fame has been Frankenstein's monster, probably the most recognizable aspect of human fantasy. Frankenstein's monster (henceforth referred to as the Monster), created in the 1800's, has a contemporary. Edward in Edward Scissorshands and the Monster in Frankenstein are remarkably similar in concept but the two also have their differences.
             The most obvious difference between the Monster and Edward is the circumstances of their creation. The Monster was shunned upon his entry into the world whereas Edward had a loving creator to guide him. Edward was taught a little about human history and dynamics while the Monster was left to his own devices to determine right and wrong. After Edward's creator died, paralleling the Monster's abandonment, he found another family. The Monster had to hide in a lean-to next to a cottage and remain hidden. The Monster, upon revealing himself to the family in the cottage, was rejected once again whereupon he began his rampage. Edward was accepted by most everyone when he was introduced to people outside his adoptive family. Although Edward was more fortunate than the Monster both of them had their temper tantrums.
             Both creations could be upset. Even Edward, with the guidance of his adoptive family, lost control of his emotions. Even though each creation started out willing to perform good works without reward each of them were betrayed by humanity. The Monster, rejected by his creator and by human society, eventually turned to misdeeds to wreak vengeance. Edward ran around chopping down bushes he had previously trimmed for free and destroying property.

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