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Charlie Chaplin Biography

            Charley Chaplin, Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, his official name, was a big .
             comedian movie star, director and music composer for his movies. Charley Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889, in London, England. His parents were very poor, and eventually divorced. His mother made clothes for a factory working at home, she was also singing sometime, and his father was a singer who drank too much. .
             His first public act took place when he was five years old. He replaced his mother on the stage, and was singing and dancing around the solders. This is how he made his first money as a comedian. .
             Also at this moment his childhood was very unhappy. He was forced to live and sleep on the streets. This experience inspired him later in his career, as a film producer. .
             When he was ten years, in 1899, he became one of the boys from the troupe "Eight Lancashire Lads." For one year he danced with this troupe in theatres all over England. On stage he was often very funny and people laughed. Off stage he was always sad and alone.
             At 15 years old, Chaplin fell in love with Helly Kelly, who was his first great love in his life. Her portrait stayed with him all his life. One important person in his life was.
             Fred Karnogo, a big name in the England theatre business, found Charlie in 1907, and sent him to play in the "The Wow Wows". He performed all over the world; England Europe and America. .
             It was between 1912-1913 when Mack Senate, a filmmaker in Los Angeles, has taken Charlie to one of his studios. From him Charlie learned how films were made in little bits. .
             In the year 1914, Charlie got a part in his first film. He worked hard and in three days the film was ready for the cinemas. An year later he found the film character, a tramp that lived on the streets, "who was always looking for love and adventure, who runs away from any danger, always alone, and he never has any money." After this role he became a big star, and the whole world knew him as "The Little Tramp.

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