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Lexus vs. Fords

             As a vehicle salesman who worked for the Lexus and ford dealerships, I have .
             been able to notice the differences of the two brands. There are a few things that people .
             won't look at when they are buying a vehicle because the only thing that matters to them .
             is the price and the credit approval. The thing that they should be really looking at are the .
             things that differ the vehicle from each other like in luxury, riding comfort and engine .
             efficiency. .
             First of all, the Ford vehicles don't have a lot of luxuries. Most of the seats are .
             made of cloth instead of leather, the trim on the inside is plastic, and neither the seats nor .
             the windows are electric. On the other hand, Lexus vehicles come with a lot of luxuries. .
             For example, all the seats and the door cover come in leather. The mirrors, windows, as .
             well as the seats are electric, and all the windows except for the windshield and the two .
             front side windows come tinted for privacy reasons. Also, the trim on the inside is made .
             out of oak. .
             Secondly, Fords riding comfort wasn't a very good design. One of the things is .
             the suspension, which is very hard. It feels as if the vehicle doesn't have any shock .
             absorbers at all. Another thing that would be noticeable is the rim that are made of steel .
             making the vehicle heavier and this is more likely to give problems when driving on .
             bumpy roads transferring the road conditions to the steering wheel. But when riding in a .
             Lexus the comfort is totally different. They have gas shock absorbers and an independent .
             suspension; which makes the vehicle for a very comfortable to ride even on very bumpy .
             roads. The wheels are made out of aluminum making the car less heavy and less likely to .
             transfer any vibration from the roads. .
             Last of all, Ford engines tend to be less efficient. The gas mileage is truly awful .
             either in the city or the highway. It usually makes thirteen miles per the gallon in the city .
             and up to twenty miles per the gallon on the highway.

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