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Identity Theft

             The information age we live today has created a revolution in commerce, entertainment, and communication. The internet is helps us do a number of things whether it be help with homework, writing research papers or ordering merchandise online. Any society that increasingly relies on the use of digital information needs to ensure its citizens' private data is safe. The responsibility for personal information no longer belongs solely with the individual, but with all parties involved. If this message does not get through, and we aren't guaranteed our identities are safe, how likely are we to organize our lives or buy and sell online. Sadly, there are few people who take advantage of our information systems. They use their talents to vandalize a websites, hack into business files, or to steal identity. These "identity thieves" take your social security number or other valuable information; use it to open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, and to lease things such as apartments or automobiles. These actions can mar your credit.
             because they use your personal information for their own personal gain without regard and in most cases without paying the bills that they create. .
             Credit card fraud is identity theft in its most simple and common form. It can be accomplished either through a scenario like someone digging through your garbage, or it can happen when your pre-approved credit card offers fall into the wrong hands. All a person has to do is get these out of your mailbox or trash can and mail them in with a change of address request and start spending. To steal someone's identity no longer requires forged birth certificates or smudged photographs in driver's licenses but a minimum of technical knowledge. So the warnings may be well justified. Someone can even apply for a credit card in your name if they have the right information. You won't know a thing about it until the credit card company tracks you down and demands payment for the purchases you have a racked up.

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