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            Subject: Proposal to Outline the Overall Benefits of the AMD x86 Processor.
             In this ever-changing world of office technology, it is imperative to maintain the standard of excellence when it comes to this company's technological needs. We would be pleased to outline the benefits of using the AMD brand of x86 computer processors.
             AMD x86 processors (e.g: AMD Duron, AMD Athlon) offer good performance for your workstation, especially in the areas of Graphic Design and Computer Aided Design. The AMD is also very versatile. For the use of business applications, the AMD processor would be a fine choice due to its ability to process information and applications at a rapid rate of time. On the topic of speed, an example of an AMD x86 processor would be the K6-III version. This model of processor was released with a fast speed cache. It is also equipped with a TriLevel cache architecture that speeds up normal, everyday computing tasks. In comparison to its" rival, the Intel version of the x86 processor, it is not as popular and is a far cheaper product. It's cheaper, faster, and fits in the AMD Athlon chip socket, so if you were to build a system designed for an AMD Duron chip you could easily upgrade to an AMD Athlon, without using any converters or changing the motherboard. The reason Intel's x86 version is more expensive is due to its" marketing budget. Most of Intel's money is devoted to its" advertising, while less time has been spent towards improving their product. AMD, on the other hand, has always been looked upon as being the cheaper alternative, all the while providing excellent performance. In recent processor performance tests, the AMD version of the x86 chip has been outperforming the Intel version. .

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